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Welcome to Family-Owned Wineries

Our winemaking project places the importance of family values at the heart of what we do by collaborating with family-owned wineries in various wine-growing regions of Spain and Italy.

Our creations are the result of friendship, tradition and dedication to the land as the basis of everything we do.

About Us

In the course of a lifetime, people tend to do things out of duty, out of commitment, out of fear or simply to take other people’s opinions into account.

That does not happen here, and to prove that what I say is true, let me share a little bit about who we are.

Our Ranges

Our Projects

Regions of Spain

We work together with the most prestigious wineries and vineyards throughout Spain, and we have long-standing partnerships that have resulted in the production of high quality wines. Browse the map and discover more about our wines.


La Rioja


Rías Baixas

Ribera del Duero




I.G.P. Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla


Regions of Italy

Wines of La Rioja

Although Rioja has centuries of history, it began to come into its own during the days of phylloxera when desperate Bordeaux winemakers came to Rioja to invest because they had no more wine of their own. This period laid the foundations of one of the most prestigious Appellations of Origin in Spain. Rioja cannot be fully understood without discussing the Tempranillo grape, although many wines are blends of Tempranillo with other varieties. In addition, the Riojan growers were pioneers in classifying wines according to the ageing period, for example. young wine, Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva.

Wines of Cava

This is the Spanish Appellation of Origin that regulates the production of sparkling wines in different regions, although most of the registered vineyards are located in the Penedés region. All cavas must be made according to the traditional method, i.e. with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Wines of Rías Baixas

The proximity of the Atlantic and the Albariño grape work their magic in the production of high quality whites. Although there are other grape varieties, more than 95% of the vineyard area is occupied by the world famous Galician variety.

Wines of Mallorca

Mallorca has been a wine-growing region since the Romans introduced the vine more than 2000 years ago. Its privileged location and Mediterranean climate mark the character of the wines, which are generally fruity, elegant and juicy with medium acidity. Due to the nature of the island, it is possible to find unique native varieties such as Manto Negro, Callet, Prensal Blanc and Giró Ros and an infinite number of minority native varieties.

Wines Tierra de Castilla

Castilla y Leon is an autonomous community where vine cultivation extends throughout the entire region. This is the northern edge of the central plateau of the Iberian Peninsula.

Wines of Alicante

The Monastrell grape is the leading variety in the east of the peninsula, perfectly adapted to a dry and hot climate in summer.
The wines have a marked Mediterranean style, with a fruity, juicy sensation and moderate acidity.

Wines Somontano

In the Pyrenean foothills of Huesca, the great thermal contrast in the region allows the production of wines with high aromatic intensity compensated by good acidity.
Grapes have been grown here since 500BC. Today, 4000 hectares are cultivated by 29 winemakers.

Wines of Rueda

Rueda has become the leading area specialized in white wine production in Spain. Thanks mainly to the aromatic Verdejo variety, these wines have become the leading white wines in the country. The change in style occurred more than thirty years ago with the introduction of stainless steel and temperature control in the wineries. This led to the production of fragrant, clean and aromatic wines that captivated a wide audience.

Wines of Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero is known for its wines with an intense aroma of fruit and a powerful body, but with elegant tannins. This style is defined by the dominant wine variety, Tempranillo or Tinto Fino, grown in the continental climate of the plateau. This causes the grapes to ripen slowly, maintaining acidity while preserving acids and developing aromatic precursors.

Wines of Veneto, Italy

This region is one of the most prominent in terms of wine production in Italy. There are more than 75,000 hectares in production and a wide range of wine styles are made in its different areas.
Prosecco is the best known product and Appellation of Origin in the area and is exported all over the world, and Pinot Grigio is the best known grape variety in the region.

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