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About us

In the course of a lifetime, people tend to do things out of duty, out of commitment, out of fear or simply to take other people’s opinions into account.

That does not happen here, and to prove that what I say is true, let me share a little bit about who we are.

We have always done things, and continue to do so, with two starting points: passion and love.

The passion for our work, the love for tradition and for timeless values, has made our family grow, leading to firm collaboration with others dedicated to our trade.

Committed to the environment and to the fruits of the earth in everything we do, our team is made up of winegrowers, winemakers, cellar masters, sommeliers and designers who, by working together, have been able to bring honest, sincere and high quality wines to the table.

At Family Owners Wineries you will find wines made with the best grapes, the most familiar and traditional of each region, with the ultimate goal of respecting the identity of each grape variety, with a modern image while also being affordable for wine lovers.

They say that those who do not learn their history are doomed to repeat it. Here is a snapshot of our history, so that it may be an example to be followed and a way to achieve success in the broadest sense of the word.

See how our first wine was launched on the market.

Marriage of Mr. Gabriel Morey and Mrs. Antonia Garau.

Antonia Garau and Gabriel Morey were married in church on February 1, 1969. As was the case in times when society was not yet a fluid society, as it is today, partners, both in love and commerce, had another meaning.

Antonia brought a vineyard estate in Consell, elegance and the enthusiasm typical of the enterprising women of yesteryear.

Gabriel, for his part, was known for his people skills, friendly nature and unbeatable customer service. As a result, he became the best seller of wines and spirits on the island of Mallorca.

A perfect alliance was formed. Later, together with their children, they made their first wine, “Son Colom”, which was very popular on the island.

That was the spark that started this Family Owners Wineries line. From that moment on, synergies, friendships and collaborations were created with other winemaking families, giving rise to the great projects that you can enjoy today.

We must mention partnerships with prestigious families in the world of wine such as the Gil family, the Yllera family, the Ornelia Bellía family, the Botter family, the Rivero family, the Palacios family and the Barbadillo family.

Today, there are 1 million bottles produced among all the brands and in these uncertain times we must emphasize that all of this comes from taking a single step, believing that dreams really can come true.